Monday, 17 September 2007

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It is now Monday evening and I'm waiting on my rice to cook as I forgot to turn it on earlier. Today was a holiday so I have an extended weekend of fun (alcohol) filled times to write about. On Friday a few of us were meant to go to Nahari Dave's place to barbecue some meat that was left over from my mountain welcome party. As a typhoon was passing by we caught the end of the tail and it has been raining all weekend. This meant the barbecue was moved to mine at the last minute as I have a covered balcony thing going on. Anyway, lots of people ended up turning up and it evolved into a full blown party right here in Tano. My apartment is pretty huge and I've found out it is an awesome venue to host such an occasion so we might plan a few more this year.

We probably all drank too much but who cares? I was even a great host and brought in extra meat/beer/ice cream when we were running low and got various breakfast stuff. I've just remembered that the toilet flooded! That was a bit of a nightmare but it was quite amusing at the time. My toilet here has the sink on the top of it so the water you wash your hands with goes straight back into filling the tank. Anyway, a plastic shell blocked the hole so the tap wouldn't stop and water went everywhere argh. We fixed it in the end but my poor towels got soaking. The next morning I filled three massive bags with empty beer cans woohoo

On Saturday I cleaned up for a bit then headed into Kochi City with Noah, Andrew and Matt. We messed about there for a bit and Noah bought a car (err I meant guitar) which means every trip to the music store has resulted in a purchase. We came back to Aki and watched a really bad film called The Black Dahlia or something... I forget.

Sunday was meant to be Sports Day at the Junior High. It started pouring down with rain so it got cancelled and I got to go back to bed which was awesome. That is now happening tomorrow and I'll probably need to participate but nobody ever explains the finer details to me. Anyway, the rest of Sunday I messed about in my apartment then I drove me and Noah up to Aki to make some Taco rice at Andrew's place. This again evolved into a night of drinking and we were joined by Marika as well. Woke up the next day and bummed about for a bit before watching some American football off the internet. I got really confused again and asked really stupid questions like "So how many points is that then?". Then we had some ramen for lunch and came back to Tano.

I think my rice might be ready which is just as well because I'm starving!

Hey look! It's me! (Mark, me, Dave and Karl)

I'm about to knock over a beer (Noah and me)

We had some blues going on. "My name is Craig dum dum baum. I come from Scotland dum dum baum. We gubbed the French!" (Noah, Marika, Joey and Andrew)

The bunnet continues to provide entertainment naysayers

We're so damn cool that words can't describe it

3 guitars, 2 harmonicas and an African drum

The morning after. That's three bags of empty cans alone.


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