Thursday, 13 September 2007

PostHeaderIcon I should have called my last post 'SACREBLEU!'

I got up at about 5am to catch the second half of the football this morning. It was so worth it and I'm proud I pulled my sorry self out of bed.

Not much of an update tonight I guess as it's nearly time for bed. I just killed a massive cockroach and now I'm concerned I can smell the excess bug spray I used...

Tonight a lot of the east coast JETs met up in Nahari (right next to Tano) for some Italian. It was a good catch up and chat about various subjects such as sloths/lemurs/polar bears and myself going off on a tangent about FIFA and how woeful the CONCACAF qualfying group is - damn Americans.

I didn't do much again today at work. I spent the first half at elementary having lunch/watching sports training/getting attacked by kids and then went to Junior High for more sports training. I had some good banter going on with the students and one girl makes me laugh as everytime she sees me she goes "HELLO HANTA! I'M HUNGRY AND TIRED. I LIKE TO EAT ICE CREAM". Also, I managed to discuss with Nasu sensei (English teacher) about Shinzo Abe's resignation, train times and midnight golfing in Scandanavia. She even agreed on my assessment that Japanese people don't care about the country getting involved in Iraq/Afghanistan and just want the pension system to be sorted. I ordered lots of fancy new studying aids to improve my Japanese studying and they arrived today. I got the textbooks Noah used at college called 'GENKI' which means something like energetic and full of life. I can't wait.

Here are some pictures I stole from others:

All the amazing race people

Action shot! I loved my stick

Me and Nick - smiling in defeat

Me and Joey rocking the karaoke a few weeks ago


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