Wednesday, 19 September 2007

PostHeaderIcon I broke my face

The observant among you may have noticed the new look to my blog. I was messing about with the settings to try and make it look more pleasing to the eye. On the right hand side you will notice I've added a 'Picasa' link which will take you to my online photo album with many pictures.

Wednesday is not a very busy during or after work so I've just been wasting time and don't have much to report on. Apparently there was positive feedback from my advanced English class and another student joined this morning. I spent the rest of the day studying Japanese and as usual progress is going pretty slow. I was thinking back to when I was studying French/German at school and how unbelievably easy it was compared to Japanese. Lovely Latin alphabet... how I want to seek protection in you away from the scary kanji.

I shall end with an amusing tale of what happened after I slept in for work this morning. I had about ten minutes to wash, dress and eat so I was running about still wet from my shower but also sweating. This meant I had an absolutely horrific experience trying to get my socks on as they kept sticking. As I was struggling I started to lose my balance and slowly fell to the side. The trouble was I had a finger from each hand stuck under my heel and I couldn't move my arms to break the fall. However, I managed to lift my right elbow in an attempt to soften the blow from the wall but sadly the angle I came in at meant all I did was spin around and smash my face off the wall. A full on proper THUD echoed around the room only to be drowned out by an arsenal of expletives from my sweaty, half dressed body on the ground. I couldn't find my key either so I just left my apartment unlocked but I knew nobody would attempt to go in it because a) This is Japan and b) A rural town.

Here are some pictures from the Sports Day. I'm off to bed.

Principal, Vice-Principal, students, baseball coach and ice tea.

Guys from the Board of Education

The red team were successful at the mukade (centipede race)

The white team... I almost felt bad taking this.


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