Thursday, 20 September 2007

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The first Japanese phrase I learned was "Atsui desu ne" which means "It's hot" and everyone replies with "So desu ne" which means "It is, isn't it?". I have a few of those interactions every day which is good because for five seconds I'm communicating with people for once.

Today I have used it much more than normal as it is one of those days where I am constantly warm and it's making me feel lethargic. For some unknown reason the air conditioning in the office has been greatly reduced despite it being warmer than last week. Maybe I am imagining it but I had an email from a friend in Kyushu who told me there is a schedule for when his office used it. So for him (and possibly me) it's bye bye comfortable office in the 3rd week of September. It's probably not the case here but I wouldn't put it past Japanese bureaucracy.

I took this picture last night looking towards Nahari

I had lunch with the 6th graders at elementary for the first time earlier today. This was the class where I crashed and burned during my introduction when the teacher left me alone. I was meant to have lunch with them last Thursday but the teacher was late finishing her calligraphy lesson and my lunch got cold. So I ended up just going next door to the 5th graders because I prefer them and the teacher doesn't annoy me. Some of the 6th grade are at that age where it's no longer cool to be energetic and carefree whilst the others are the opposite. It makes it harder for me to judge how to interact with them. With the other elementary classes all the children want to talk to you, I can joke around with them, play all kinds of sport and show them my vast collection of stupid faces at lunch. Whilst at Junior High I take on a more serious teacher role whilst treating them more like young adults and talking to them about music and the like. I didn't really go into lunch today with much enthusiasm so it was probably my fault everyone just stared and whispered to their partners about me. I managed to strike up some conversation which may have salvaged our relationship this year and at break I joined in on their rely team which made them loosen up a bit. This brings me back to being warm, I had a cold shower after that but by the time I got back to work I was all sweaty again BAH. Although my dad tells me he had to scrape ice off his car window back in Scotland this week which is just insane considering it's September so maybe I should appreciate the warmth.

This evening I am going into Nahari to meet up with some east coast JETs for dinner and then later on I will be playing football in Tano sports centre. Tomorrow is looking good as I get paid and it is my half day. Oh yes indeed.


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