Saturday, 8 September 2007

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I do love my new internet connection.
I can't really do any massive updates just yet as I'm busy doing stuff.

This morning all my car documents were in the post so today I have been out driving in my 1997 Suzuki Alto. Mark away down in Muroto helped me get all the nasty paperwork out the way so big thanks to him. I went out to test drive it since I'm not used to an automatic and ended up in Aki City about 20-30km away. It's a really nice drive with the Pacific on one side and the mountains on the other but as usual it is warm as hell. It's called Eileen too in case you hadn't guessed.

Last night turned out to be okay. We went to an Italian restaurant in the next town and I suppose it was authentic. I especially liked a) eating it with chopsticks b)the chicken and potatoes... and c) the 'Trainspotting' poster on the wall. Oh and some of the teachers wrapping meat around breadsticks... ah well. I even managed to have a VERY basic conversation going on with some of the women in Japanese waheh. Then we went to karaoke and they were all really drunk - dancing and falling over. The science teacher had been challenging me all week to drink as much as him and he was guttered after a few drinks pffft

The plan today is to take a wee drive up into the mountains with Noah and Andrew then maybe head into Aki for some dinner/drinks. Tomorrow morning is the AMAZING RACE!!! scavenger hunt thing in Kochi City. The last time I did one of those was in Butlins Skegness in about 1993 - older than that old bag Eileen.


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