Monday, 19 January 2009

PostHeaderIcon 明日

I will start to update my blog tomorrow but I'm too tired to type anything tonight. Here are some pictures instead:

Thursday, 8 January 2009

PostHeaderIcon Back to work

Pleased to be back.

150 minutes into my new year of work and I want to run away. I've already went for a walk to pay bills and get some late breakfast. Deary me. Deary me indeed.
Monday, 5 January 2009

PostHeaderIcon tuk tuk

I'm in a good mood today because I'm still on holiday whilst everyone in Japan has to go to work. I just confused a Japanese guy next to me as he bumped into me on his way out and went "I ma sorry" and I replied with "Nae bother pal" in the old Nihongo. I love doing that. I think I'll keep it up for my whole life traveling because Japanese tourists are everywhere. Just that look of slight confusion is worth the possibility of a long conversation I don't really want.

Joey and I were going to go to a Thai cooking course today but we're both too lazy. Instead I'm going to get some jeans fitted or whatever but I hate the shops here.

Buy this what you want how big 100 baht for you friend only today want a tuk tuk only 5000 baht just for you.

My favourite are the suit guys who apparently learned English from some cockney. auuuroight mate wanna suit guvnor? I wish I was important enough to get a cheap suit. I think I need to shave today.... alright I'm off now.
Thursday, 1 January 2009

PostHeaderIcon Happy New Year

Blah blah blah. Hello. I'm now in Vientiane which is the 'capital' of Laos. To give an idea of how small and crap it is... imagine a more run down version of East Kilbride being the capital of Scotland (the population is 5 million here).
Yesterday was rubbish if I were to be brutally honest. We got up at 6:30am to catch our bus which was then delayed. Then we spent a solid 11 hours on this old piece of Korean crap that bounced its way down the dodgy mountain road. It wasn't bad but we were both knackered by 10pm and waiting for midnight seemed like work. The town was empty anyway and we attended some thing sponsored by Tiger beer. Joey is passed out in the room whilst I failed at buying a book and getting a tea since everywhere is closed. We leave for Bangkok at 3pm tomorrow on a proper sleeper train rather than the same brutal experience as last time. Cool... we'll probably just eat for 3 days and I might get some cheapy cheapy dental work done since I can't be arsed in Japan. Cheerio
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