Wednesday, 18 February 2009

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Good morning. I need to be in work in about 4 minutes but I just made a lovely mug of tea. It's too hot to down it right now and I want to enjoy it. Should I pour it into my 四国銀行 (Shikoku Bank) thermal flask and take it into work? 8:09am

I drank as much as I could and then went to work. I found a new favourite kanji just there that I would like to share with you. 脂 has two readings. One of them is 'abura/あぶら' which means lard/grease and the other is 'yani/やに' which means cigarette tar or the gunk in your eye when you wake up. It was part of this saying my eikaiwa taught me last night 脂が乗る which kind of means to 'get into the swing of things'. The two parts are the lard/grease and the verb for to get on/to ride/to board. So there you go. 8:29am

I've been studying Japanese for 2 and a half hours. This must be a new record for 2009. I haven't really learned much though. I've been listening to a conversation between Jim Miller and Aya Endou. Jim is some annoying Yank who can't watch a new drama because his TV is broken. Aya suggests they go buy a new one the next day at a cheap store. It has spacious parking. I can't tell if Jim fancies Aya more than she fancies him. I think Jim might be using her to practice his Japanese. 11:04am

Ahhh.... the crushing defeat of another failed elementary school visit. Nothing like a bowl full of gruel to go alongside being mocked by a bunch of ten year olds. I got sad so I went to the music room to smash the drums and the vice-principal walked in on me... probably ready to shout at a student. I then got told not to worry about my lessons tomorrow because somebody else has already done them. I hope this isn't the 'Smartboard' which is a new piece of technology that is apparently better than me. It's afternoons like this that make me want to pack up my crap and go do something else with my life and youth. Or top myself. Both sound more appealing than ever eating lunch with 4th and 5th grade again. 1:48pm

The pangs of depression have subsided in the late afternoon. I've spent the last two hours studying Japanese in between listening to the late and great Bill Hicks. Have you ever noticed how creationists look so unevolved? I'm going to hit the gym again later tonight and try and finish my current book. There is a chance however that I will just watch a DVD, make dinner and have a beer. 4:18pm


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