Monday, 16 February 2009

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I got 149/400 on my Level 3 Japanese test. I failed it pretty miserably but I never really expected to pass it. However, I kind of regret not studying parts of it now because I reckon I could have picked up another 50-100 marks pretty easily. It wasn't the lowest level but it was still pretty basic stuff so I feel a bit stupid:

52/100 on Writing/Vocabulary
43/100 on Listening
54/200 on Reading/Grammar

With a nice big 不合格 (FAILED) underneath it. The worst thing was that my friend Joey wiped the floor with me and got 227/400. He still failed though. The idiot.

Since I have re-contracted I am trying to kick start an improved version of me. This includes exercising (30 minute run tonight), studying Japanese (I have a new course book infront of me) and drinking less alcohol (not had a beer today!). That's all for now. Cheerio


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