Thursday, 26 February 2009

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Right... since I always complain about things, I thought I'd write a short update of me being content. I'm in my bed reading a book (After Dark by Haruki Murakami - how Japanese of me), drinking a massive cup of tea and listening to classical music. I had fantastic fried pork for dinner and we're going to make pancakes for Shrove Tuesday tomorrow. Also, I can hear the rain outside which always makes me feel extra relaxed. I mean... today has been so stressful. I did absolutely no work or Japanese study today and I'm not sure how I managed to come out of the day still sane. I made these fake album covers this morning. What you do is find a random wikipedia article (band name), the last 5 words of a famous quotation (album title) and a random picture of Flickr to be the cover. Here are my attempts:

I'm thinking.. of The Prodigy.

This is more of your new millenium Belle and Sebastian types

Mid-90s grunge?

The best band name by far. I keep thinking "Queens of the Stone Age"

Update: It's 11am on Friday morning and I took the morning off work and stayed in bed. I'm doing all the same things as last night. Hurrah


nsp said...

you come malaysia before? yeah..i see the photo

Ahoy hoy said...

Hello. I haven't been to Malaysia sorry. Should I visit?

Manda said...

Love the first art! Hereeeees Johnny!

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