Monday, 9 February 2009

PostHeaderIcon I rabu Nihon

Hello. It is a new week and I am in a more positive mood. Japan is the greatest place in the world. Actually... I'm back in my Board of Education and all my new found motivation is slowly dissolving in the late afternoon. Nope... listen.... right.... everything is going to be just fine. My eyes have stopped twitching and I'm so tired from watching Wales destroy Scotland at the rugby last night that I can't think even if I wanted to. Result.

I'm going to write a book. It's going to be great and I'll make so much money I can just read newspapers and drink tea all day until I die. Alright... how do you write a book?


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I am a 24 year old Scotsman currently teaching English to Japanese schoolchildren. I live in a small town on the east coast of Kochi prefecture.