Tuesday, 17 June 2008

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I'm not long in from my English class this evening and I doubt I'll be awake for much longer as I want to get up early to watch Italy v France. It's the first class in... months that actually turned out partially successful and enjoyable. I set some creative writing templates by giving them characters, basic plots, locations, feelings and items. All of them turned out far, far better than I hoped and I was generally impressed with them all.

Anyway, here is something mildly interesting/not very nice that happened at work today. There is a single toilet right outside my office door that doesn't have a lock on it but you can see someone is in there by the light being on. It's not really the most ideal location or design now I think about it because if someone were to open the door when you're at the urinal then the whole office could see you. Anyway, the light was on when I went earlier in the day so I took a detour to the larger toilet down the corridor. Whilst walking I started to think how awfully awkward it would be if I walked in on one of my colleagues. So even though the light was off in the other one I still knocked for the first ever time.

Fast forward to the end of the day where I stayed on a bit late to print off the stuff for my adult class. Whilst waiting on that I darted to the toilet just outside the door where the light was off. I had actually managed to open the door, put on both lights and turn around before noticing the guy who sits next to me was in there. It was a bit of a shock because my original reply went something along the lines of "Oh f**k... whit... oh dear... sorry man" before I said something in Japanese. I just found it very strange that this was the first day the thought had crossed my mind. Even more confusing is why he was taking a single fish in the dark? I don't get it. Also, I do realise how boring it may be to read about my toilet schedule at work.

I do have more prediciton related business to mention. Since the start of Euro 2008 I organised a little results guessing bracket thing with the guys out East. It makes the mornings at work a bit more interesting as I tally up the results and then weep because an Aussie who guesses at random is beating me. Although, I've recently shot up the table. Me: 16, Joey: 13, Noah: 12 and Andrew: 8. What an exciting life eh?


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