Friday, 6 June 2008

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That's me got my flights sorted for going home in August. I leave Osaka on the 13th August and get back on the 2nd September so it's just short of 3 weeks. I pretty much got the best ticket I could have done at the time. The prices are really expensive because every single person in Japan travels during the month of August. However, I got mine for 210,000 yen which is just over a £1000 so it's not all bad. I got the best times for the flights too and I've got myself on a comfy Emirates jet with a connecting flight in Dubai. I had another option of a KLM flight that was about £100 more and there was a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam so it's all good. I was thinking of doing a cheeky wee tour of Europe on my way home but I can't really be bothered trying to plan that. Although since I'm home for 3 weeks I might go on a long weekend jaunt across the Channel anyway. Yas.

I was reading the application form for my tickets just there and the company was trying to sell me travel insurance. I figured that since I'm in Japan and don't want anymore hassle I'd just accept it and pay a bit more if need be. Then I remembered that I don't need it because I'm going home and can have all the free health care I want! YAS


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