Wednesday, 22 April 2009

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Hello. I am writing a bigger post but I won't get it finishd this week probably. Instead, I am going through the archive of instant message chat with Noah at work.

2:55 PM Noah: this is gchat
its simple
me: baws
Noah: see that advertisement you found on your desk?
its trash
2:56 PM from the dude to your left
me: haha
i put it in the bin
he smashes his keyboard so loudly
Noah: i saw him looking at it, then he clearly decided he was too important for it and had real work to do
me: the bas

Noah: "there are 3 colors in africas rainbow" = katakana sensei
the whole concept is bs
"uh, eh different countries have different rainbows!"
um well a rainbow is the visible spectrum which has 6 discernable colors in total
that doesn't change

3:49 PM Noah: sack
3:50 PM me: YOURE A SACK

4:07 PM Noah: "noah... mickey? high voice?" = supervisor
"uh... yeah..."
"chip and dale too?"
"yup, pretty high, isn't it"
4:08 PM me: minnie?
Noah: didn't inquire
hes been watching chip and dale recently
me: did he do an impression?

me: oh she was rude there = The woman who sleeps at work
old fatty
Noah: i just don't like the way she talks
me: he was talking... and shes just all nishiokasaaan
not even a how do you do sumimasen. her brain is clogged with cake.

5:15 PM me: theyre talking about us
it's freaking me out man
Noah: i know me: gonna get ma stabby knife


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