Tuesday, 28 April 2009

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Good afternoon. This is my last day of work until next Thursday thanks to the Golden Week holidays over here. Although I would argue that Monday-Wednesday does not constitute a week. Also, if you notice a lot more Japanese people next week then that's because everyone leaves Japan to go travelling. Mainly because it's the only time people can get off during the year... poor chaps.

Tomorrow is Showa Day which celebrates the life of the last emperor and "to reflect on Japan's Showa period when recovery was made after turbulent days, and to think of the country's future." I'll tell you what I'll be doing though... I'm off across the water to visit Japan's bestest friend, South Korea. It'll be good to get a break from being constantly surrounded by Asian people. Even better... the following day I will be getting 12000 yen from the government's economic stimulus policy. Cheers lads. I promise to spend it all on Asahi beer.

Ach... it's a hard life. What with the faltering global economy, the mass unemployment and now the arrival of the swine flu in North America (and now in Monklands, Scotland!). It's going to be so hard to enjoy myself in the spring sunshine of Seoul whilst my strong Japanese yen bursts all over the yakiniku table. Oh the woes of my life.

p.s The amount of people that make puns on the name Seoul DISGUSTS ME.


Margaret said...

i love your blog! keep entertaining me please!

Ahoy hoy said...

Cheers Margaret.

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