Thursday, 2 April 2009

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Reverse Parking

I first noticed this phenomenon when I was in the empty car park of my local Tsutaya (cd/dvd/books). I nearly crashed into the car ahead of me because they stopped and then reversed towards me. I was caught off guard because the place was deserted and I had to stop and wait whilst the car infront went in the first available space. This has happened on more than one occasion. I could be partly to blame in that I start to head for an empty space when the person infront passes it before reversing into it. However, that doesn't excuse every single Japanese person's apparent neglect of their rear view mirror. Personally, I blame the small television in the front of any half-decent car here. Yep... it's definitely not my fault for not paying attention.

My personal neglect aside.... it is very peculiar that every single Japanese person parks like this. I've seen them do it in car parks that are deserted. I've seen them do it in empty schoolyards where there aren't even any road markings. I've even seen some people drive straight towards an empty space and then perform the maneuver with precision. My main problem is that in all of these circumstances it is far easier to drive into the space and then reverse out. To reverse into some of these tight spaces takes a fair bit of skill and determination. What are the reasons behind this? Are Japanese people just proud of their reverse parking? Are they too stupid too realise they're making it harder on themselves? Or is it more likely that they were taught this way and nobody has bothered to think any different?

My car is in this picture.

The only place I have not seen people reverse parking in is my local conveinent store. This is because there is not enough room and it is too busy. Subsequently... that car park is a death trap with Japanese people swinging about without a care in the world. I fully expect to get knocked down one day. That reason alone is why I haven't classed this as 'bad'.


Anonymous said...

duh! Sounds like are lucky that you do not have to pass a Japanese driving test - that is when it was knocked into them that you have to reverse park...or fail the test. Japanese drivers in Japan are not silly and can not think for themselves - it's just the system / culture, you have to reverse park into a space.

Spotted your car in the picture. Far too easy, plus it was the one nearest to your flat's front door.

Ahoy hoy said...

I know it's the system/culture but sometimes it's so conditioned in them that it blows my mind.

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