Sunday, 28 October 2007

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As I promised... here is an update. Although it is now 10pm and I'm just back from a weekend in the city. There was a big Halloween party and I had an amazing time woohoo. I only got about 4 hours sleep and we stayed up till about 6am. I even met this guy from Dundee and apparently I was the first Scottish person he's met here in five years. It was quite nice to to slip back into my more natural accent and talk about the football and Irn-Bru. There was an Aussie guy dressed up as William Wallace and I think we scared him by questioning his motives.

I did loads of other stuff too... there's so much to catch up on from the last few weeks. I don't know where to start. I'm feeling pretty tired now but I'm going to go shave Noah's head so he looks somewhat acceptable for work (he shaved a mohawk for his costume).

Oh yeah... on the way back from the city tonight. Joey (from Muroto) was driving and I noticed a quite large YELLOW and black spider hanging from the window. In my head I was screaming "SPIIIIIIIIIDDDERR" but I didn't want him to crash the car. So I said "Joey my good man, I don't want to alarm you but there appears to be a spider next to your head". So he went to hit it out the window when it fell INSIDE BETWEEN MY LEGS. I honestly couldn't inhale because of the shock... it was true fear running through my veins. Everyone else was laughing at me but soon they realised that they were stuck with it too. Then it appeared on someone (Annie from Nankoku) whilst Noah and I almost passed out with fear in the back seats. It was quite funny but pretty scary. Oh yeah, we bought a proper pizza and had it at Andrew's place in Aki on the way back. Also, Mark (from Muroto) dropped me off some massive speakers outside my door... nice nice. Also also my box of stuff should come tomorrow.

Ok, more updates this week... although it's a busy one.


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