Monday, 15 October 2007

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Hey hello konbanwa good evening こんばんは

I had no desire to write a blog entry tonight but I clicked on my bookmark by accident so here I am. I was actually reading some previous entries which were quite embarrassing. All of them are littered with grammar mistakes and missed words. Also, I seem to mention being tired all the time and drinking a lot. The two are probably connected.

I don't have much to report on at the moment. It was a glorious day today; imagine a really nice summer's day in Scotland with a nice cool breeze. When I was cycling back from school today I was so reluctant to go sit in the office for another four hours so took a detour for ten minutes to enjoy the weather. I had a really good day at the junior high school today actually. I felt accepted in the office and in the classroom for the first time. I also managed to talk a fair bit with some pupils over lunch about their brass band performance yesterday. On a quick side note... school lunch today was rice with sprinkled whole fish and some fishy tasting jelly.

I was playing my guitar for a few hours tonight, made a nice dinner and watched a new episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'. Good times.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention what my entry title is about. The English teacher asks me to make 'Who am I?' games up to test the listening skills of the students. She gives me random words each week and I come up with five hints in simple English. Last week one of the words was 'poem' which was exceptionally difficult baring in mind that Japanese poetry is completely different. Wikipedia is my friend and I think the school think I know a lot about some old Japanese poet now. Anyway, I made up one for 'passion fruit' today but it turns out that's not what my teacher said. She said something completely different and so after each hint she was looking at me like I was insane. Eventually this unfolded into a very amusing revelation and everyone in the class laughed.


HDW said...

You got the hiragana wrong. You said: Konhanha. You need the two apostraphe things.

HDW said...

For the first ha. The other should be wa, not ha. You only use ha as a partitive for wa I think.

HDW said...

Ooops, you did put them on. And I just remembered you do use ha for wa as it's abreviated. I should shut up now.

Craig said...

I suggest you do.

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