Wednesday, 10 October 2007

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Today has mainly consisted of me getting excited about the release of the new Radiohead album. I had been keeping up to date with the news of their next album and it looked like it was going to be months away. However, they don't have a record label so are letting fans download it for however much they want to pay. Anyway, sadly this new change in musical distribution isn't reflected in the music which is far too mediocre/similar to the last album. I had a live version of one song called 'Videotape' which I loved but they got rid of the guitars and replaced it with some weird drum loop. Bah

I did have a fair bit of work to do again today. I sorted out the Halloween posters for the party Noah (and me... I guess) are organising and they were handed out today. Also, I spent a lot of today planning my elementary classes for tomorrow which will probably end in failure again. The 6th grade are just so non-responsive and I don't know if I can fill 45 minutes. I might just make some awful bingo game.

I bought pita breads from the import store at the weekend and tried to make a meal tonight. Sadly, the beef just went all oily and it ruined everything else. I'm tired, smell of garlic and need to type up two lessons plans.



uncle k said...

Finally sussed out how to leave comments.Good to hear you still enjoying yourself .I didn't know you were such a bevvier.How do you put up with all that Sports Day stuff?They must be nmad.Anyhoo,keep up the writing and be good.

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