Thursday, 4 October 2007

PostHeaderIcon I fell down a hole

I was walking back from football with Noah and had just bought a drink at a vending machine. I was probably being cocky and saying Americans can't play football or something and then one wrong step and "hello hole".

They have these bloody mini concrete burns/streams next to the side of the roads to collect the water. I guess it would be their draining system. Anyway, it was dark and I just fell into the corner of one and my right leg landed in all the gunk. I pretty much cut every all part of my body breaking my fall. I'm just out the shower and everything stings like an expletive. I cleaned all my cuts because I don't want crazy stream disease. I'm also going to have a massive bruise where I smashed my thigh off the concrete. It's started to tense and stiff as I type this.

This displeased me somewhat but it was extremely funny when it happened. I was talking to Noah mid-sentence and then I just vanished into the darkness. He kind of had to double check over his shoulder to see where I went and I think I replied with "I fell down a hole."

Update 5 minutes later
Note to self: Never use an antiseptic wipe again arrrrrrrrrrrrgh


Timmargh said...


I feel your pain.

Blank said...

I thought I was the only one still reading this, to be honest.

Craig said...

I get quite a few hits actually ya git

uncle k said...

I read it every other day.

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