Tuesday, 17 July 2007

PostHeaderIcon Scooby Doo: Out to Lunch

I quite enjoyed writing my blog entry yesterday so I thought I would add another small update. I finally got around to trying to figure out tax/banks/forms but I missed the 5pm deadline so I'll need to sort them out tomorrow. A special mention to the electoral commission website who after numerous searches didn't explain proxy voting to me. I fought in three world wars for my right to vote!

I went down to East Kilbride town centre again today knowing I had to buy anything for Japan that would make me feel more organised. All the kids were off school so the proportion of oldies, fatties, uglies and junkies hobbling around didn't seem as high as usual. I spent a fair bit in a shop on the most tartan och aye the noo tourist mince but it will all be very useless as gifts/teaching aids. I got an awesome book with lots of pictures of Scotland (reduced from £12 to £3 woo). The best image of Dundee was a woeful concrete fountain in the city centre which made me laugh.

For some reason there was a booth set up in which children could get their picture taken with Scooby Doo. A wise capitalist must be taking advantage of the summer holidays by dressing some poor sod up in a suit and charging £6.99 for a crappy picture. Nevertheless, the children all looked upset as it appeared Scooby had went away for his lunch. He must have run out of Scooby Snacks hur hur hur.

Too obvious?


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