Monday, 16 July 2007

PostHeaderIcon A lazy Sunday

I’m currently waiting on my lovely steaks to defrost so I thought I would force myself to keep my new blog alive.

On Japan: I’ve still got to get in contact with the tax man, student loan people and organize my numerous essential!! items into 20kg. Never mind trying to figure out what omiyage (gifts) to bring and give to my new Japanese employers. I’ve read so many conflicting reports that I’m getting fed up with it...
  • Don’t bring alcohol they may find it insulting
  • Little whisky minatures are a perfect gift
  • Bring some teabags
  • Don’t bring anything consumable
  • Wrap up some biscuits and they’ll love you
On Blog/Life: I have decided to continue this blog and have been reading some idiot guides which have advised me to add some little features and that. Also, I often find myself moaning relentlessly about mundane things that happen to me. It’s a good way to get rid of the stress so I may expand my blog to include my whinging.

For example, the other day I had to return my graduation gown. So I went down to East Kilbride post office only to be greeted with a queue of 25 old women wearing the exact same coats (the same they wear in Winter) and hair styles. Not a single one was posting anything, they were just picking up their pensions or something. There is nothing wrong with that of course but BUUUUT having a nice wee chat with the sole worker whilst a massive queue behind you sighs themselves to death is not okay.

" Oh aye oh aye ah says tae wee Jean not tae bother "

Oh my word. Furthermore, the bright orange bag the gown people gave me to post didn’t have a valid post code so I couldn’t get a proof of postage or something. I worked my ahem... charm on the lady and she agreed to send it off anyway.

The promising summer morning had given way to a looming cloud of despair outside much like my mood had done inside. As I left it started pouring down and I noticed all the old women mocking me with their pastel jackets and umbrellas to protect that purple hair. They had beaten me again.


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