Thursday, 12 July 2007

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This is my first post on my first blog and all the options are more confusing than I first thought.

I tend to dislike the 'aren't I special and unique' attitude that blogs tend to have so I'm somewhat reluctant to continue writing this.

Nevertheless, I am going to teach English in Japan in a few weeks time and I thought it would be nice to document my experiences throughout the next few months. I'm not even sure how to write such an entry... do I write it like a personal diary entry or pretend I have an audience? Argh


Well, after months of applying/waiting/interviews/waiting I was finally accepted onto the JET Programme. It is run by the Japanese government to promote English language in schools and cultural exchange between nations. That's the way they like to label it but personally I think it's a haven for Arts graduates who would have spent a year contemplating suicide in their post-University office cubicles of doom.

I'm going to be staying in Kōchi Prefecture on one of the four large islands called Shikoku in the south of Japan. I have been in contact with my awesome predecessor and everything he has told me about the area seems very positive.

I returned from the Edinburgh orientation yesterday after an intense few days of seminars/workshops but I met lots of other JETs who seemed pretty cool. We even got to attend a fancy function held by the Japanese consul - a poor man's ambassador really but it was all very nice. Although I did manage to lock myself out of my room at 6:30am with only a towel which put a rather literal damper on events that morning. Further woes that day included me getting lost in 'Edinbra', falling asleep on the (£10.60!) train home and getting woken up by a rather angry old lady at Falkirk.

Here ends my rather long first blog entry. This might be the start of numerous months of complaining or I might forget my password and never add anything again.



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I am a 24 year old Scotsman currently teaching English to Japanese schoolchildren. I live in a small town on the east coast of Kochi prefecture.