Saturday, 28 July 2007

PostHeaderIcon It was the night before Tokyo

When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

Sadly that has not been the case this past week, especially today and last night which I will expand on later.

So it's now 1am and I leave for Edinburgh airport in about 9-10 hours for Tokyo! Woohoo. I've worked out my journey will be around a straight 24 hours from the moment I leave my house to when I get to my hotel in Japan. Although most of that is waiting about at airports in Britain. Should be fun.

I've been buying loads of things this week and spent a fortune. First I went for a dental check and apparently a filling had broken and it needed replaced. Turns out decay had got in and it needed a massive job done on it and by the end the dentist tells me "Now in a few days you may experience extreme pain and need emergency surgery on your dead root". Alright... so I exaggerated a bit but it was stressful. Thankfully I haven't felt a thing but the £30 sting to my wallet.

Then along with clothes/books/toiletries I went and got my eyes tested and it turns out I could probably do with some reading glasses. So I got a lovely fashionable (ie expensive) pair since I'll be away for a year and I look damn good with them on.

I've spent the past two days breaking my back trying to get a years worth of stuff in two cases with a maximum weight of 20kg. Awful. I had my faithful mum on standby to see me through this terrible ordeal and when I finish this entry my laptop will be put away and I'll finally be done!

I'm feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement which is normal I guess. My brother went off on holiday earlier in the week so that was a strange premature goodbye but we're men and didn't bother much. My parents are taking me to the airport tomorrow so that'll be more of the same too I guess.

Right, this is probably full of typos but I'm very sleepy and I haven't even got a picture to add... or do I?

No, I don't. Time for sleep.


Cherlyn said...

Best of luck in Tokyo - I lived near there for a few years, and what a beautiful country Japan is!

Mind if I link to you?

John said...

Hi Craig, I am Noah's dad. I assume you will meet him in Tokyo or Tano. I will follow your take on things there too. Good luck to you as you settle in.

Craig said...


I've just noticed these comments, sorry for the delay. Erm, yeah link away.

Also, hello Noah's dad. I'll tell him you said hi.

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