Sunday, 28 December 2008

PostHeaderIcon Luang Prabang

We arrived in a really nice town yesterday evening in northern Laos. It's a World Heritage site or something and looks very French whilst having Buddhist temples scattered about. It was a 6 hour drive through the mountains which were really beautiful during the day. Some parts looked like Scotland but others were just a lot more.... extreme. I liked the drive but the endless days of dying in Vang Vieng meant I was up last night being sick again. I started to get a bit down about it because the last 4 days have been miserable and I don't have the energy or motivation to do all the stuff here. Joey has been alright with it but I'm constantly feeling guilty that I'm buggering up the plans. That said... I don't think we're sure what kind of holiday we actually want. We keep alternating between backpacking and throwing away money whilst I've been pretty much sober and was disgusted with 18-30 English moron crowd that I saw in Vang Vieng. Yesterday we had a new plan to carry on north to China and make our way down to Hong Kong to catch the second part of our flight but the Visa looks impossible. Who knows what we'll do. It's still going well and I've tried to be positive but maybe I've been feeling a lot more sick than I've been letting on... which is saying something since I complain a lot. I'm going to go buy a new tshirt and a razor and then I'll probably pass out. Ill ill ill. Bye


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