Wednesday, 16 July 2008

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My alarm clock didn't go off this morning but I managed to wake up naturally at 8:07am. I usually need to be in work by 8:15am so I threw on some clothes and drank a pint of water. They've only just put on the air conditioning so when I first arrived it was stuffy as hell and I wanted to die. Once I had done the usual morning meeting stuff I made a cheeky exit back to my apartment where I showered and ate breakfast. I then came back to work 25 minutes later and nobody had noticed or really cared.

This reveals many things about my life:

1) A lack of supervision/direction/work means I can do stuff like this without feeling guilty.
2) As long as I turn up to work at 8:15am and clean the office at 5:30pm then nobody knows or cares what I do in between.
3) Living 30 seconds from your office has great advantages.

It's the last week of school and I taught the last of my classes yesterday. This means I have literally nothing to do until the start of September. Do be do be do do. I think we have curry rice for school lunch today. Usually this is cause for celebration but the elementary classes are so hot that they make me feel faint. I can moan about the weather if I want so shut up. Time to play some sudoku.

Update: Lunch was surprisingly good today. There was a nice breeze in the classroom and I had curry rice, fried chicken, my favourite crappy salad and apple jelly. It was an absolute feast of epic proportions.

My right ear is now totally blocked and I can't really hear out it. Three times today I've been in conversations where I can't make out what people are saying to me. If it lasts another day then I'll need to make a dreaded trip to the hospital.

My friend Joey just swung by to drop off his hamsters. I can't really be bothered but he's off to India for about 3-4 weeks. In fact, I might even meet up with him in Osaka the night he comes back and the day before I leave.


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