Saturday, 5 July 2008

PostHeaderIcon 19:50pm: Turn off yer gas

Every night I need to listen to an annoucement from the town hall from the fire brigade. It tells me to turn off my gas and not to start any fires. I've got used to it but occasionally it will really annoy me for some reason. Do they need to announce it every single day? Why is at ten minutes to eight? Nah... who cares really? I couldn't think of a title.

Not much of an update but I want to keep up the momentum of writing as much as I can. I'm actually on a bit of a downer today because I should be at a beach party with everyone right now. It's a 5 hour drive away out on the other coast and it's meant to be a great spot. Some of my friends hung out at my apartment last night with some beer and video games in preperation for heading off early this morning. However, I got another good old dose of crappy luck and was up half the night being sick. I decided a 5 hour drive in a packed, roasting car would not have been the best move. Now I'm just bitter and twisted and shouting at loud speakers.


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