Friday, 4 July 2008

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There were a number of English exams I had to help with at junior high school today. I was running late so I was rushing about trying to get ready. This meant I had worked up quite a sweat in the journey to school. The moment I opened my front door I was hit with the heat and humidity in the air. I noticed this right away but was too busy trying to get in my car and flooring it to school. Once I had sat down in the office I began to notice just how terrible the heat was. I wanted to run outside and jump in the swimming pool but instead I had to walk about and speak in an energetic voice. It was pretty uncomfortable and I've been in a terribly lethargic mood ever since.

I actually quite like hot weather. However, I am not used to the humidity that accompanies it here in Japan. Furthermore, I'm usually sitting by a pool with a nice cold beer rather than teaching in all my black gear. Also, there is no air conditioning in the schools. Most of the students look as if they're about to pass out. At least I have the option of running away to hide in the shadowy goodness of my apartment once teaching is over.

Ahhh air conditoning and numerous bottles of water from the fridge. I don't want to go back outside. Bring on the drizzly August in Scotland I say.


Misssy M said...

Just found you from the Scottish top websites list.

As an ex-teacher abroad (mine was Germany- I feel an ex-evil axis affinity)I feel I'm going to get a lot out of reading you.

Off to read your earlier posts.

Greetings from home, Misssy M

Ahoy hoy said...

Hello. Thank you for your comment.
I'm afraid I just spend my time complaining about everything so I doubt you'll get a lot out of it. Good luck though. Cheers.

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