Tuesday, 27 July 2010

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Good evening. I'm writing my first ever blog post live on my iPhone. The reason I am doing so is because I'm sitting in the bar of my hotel on my own ad it feels better to be interacting with something. I would go get my book but there is a strange lad sitting in the darkness singing along to rap music. He was kind of hiding in a tent made out of bed sheets. This situation also means that I will probably be here drinking for some time. The beer is 600 yen a pop but they have a fantastic selection so everything is grand.

I've been totally bored out of mind since I arrived in Tokyo this afternoon. There was a traffic jam in Kochi which meant I just made my flight. Then there was another one in Tokyo which meant I didn't get here till about 6pm. That's okay but it means it was a seven hour journey from my house which is absurd when the flight takes an hour or so. Yep Japanese cities and Tokyo are still fin to be in but the novelty has worn off. This is especially the case when you're on your own because you can't go at a nice restaurant or do karaoke or something. I had nothing to do do I wentto te cinema to see Inception which was great. Thankfully being a foreigner in. Packed city means the stigma of loner cinema goer is not so apparent. I could attempt to talk to the other single travellers but instead we will probably just stare at some screen until the beer we are all nursing runs out. At least the Chinese prostitutes have stopped bothering me.

Still tomorrow will e fun times and I'm off to Fuji Rock on Friday. It's going to be great. Goodnight blog.


Drea said...

I've been dreaming of going to Fuji Rock for a few years. I'm so jealous. :P

summer english school 2010 said...

it's my dream to visit japan! i reading your blog all the time with big interest and enjoy. but you are english teacher and i just student who study english...feel shame about my brocken english...

keep writting! you are rock!

sixmats said...

I know what it's like to go to a city all by yourself. It kind of sucks.

I went to Osaka like that a few times.

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw you at Fuji Rock! I really don't know you in real life. I just read your blog, but I should have said hello.

Ahoy hoy said...

Jesus this post reads back a bit depressing. I think I had a small, two hour breakdown in Ikebukuro. I blame the film. I must correct all the mistakes too.

Your English is fine summer english school person. Cheers for commenting.

@anonymous: That's cool and slightly weird. It's probably for the best you didn't say hello because the coming together of my blog brain and real life might have made me have a panic attack. Where did you see me? I'm sure I looked like a fat Uni-Qlo model. I probably had a beer and a kebab too.

Anonymous said...

I saw you walking along the path in front of the green stage. It was too busy and I felt like such a creeper. I found your blog back from that kotaku post ages ago - but I stuck around because you've got quite a similar viewpoint to me. I guess it's just easy to spot gaigin in the crowds.

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