Thursday, 8 July 2010

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I'm almost always thinking that I should write a blog post when something interesting happens but then the moment passes and I forget about it.  There a dozen or so mildy interesting stories from the past week but I have little time this afternoon to write about them.  I've been sick with the flu since Sunday evening and have somehow managed two afternoons in class since then.  I might add that the classrooms are about 30 degrees and I am constantly coughing inbetween super funtime games.  I only went because it is so much easier just to turn up rather than talk Japanese to a Japanese person.  The whole country has been angering me in the past week but there's no point stressing my sore head about it.  That's all I've got to write at the moment as I need to print some things for a meeting and then catch the train/bus to pick up my car!  Eurgh public transport.  Pictures.. pictures..

This is from my taiko bbq party in the misty mountains.  It was more of farewell for David and Huw.  I stayed sober and we played bingo.  It was fun.  I'm not even being sarcastic.

How many foreigners can you squeeze into my living room?  I think we had 12 of us in there at one point.  The last few weekends have been spent drinking too much and watching the World Cup.  It's a shame the majority of the games we stayed up for were rubbish.  Although I did have a Korean bloke around the other week to watch them play Uruguay.  They lost but it was fun to watch.  I've tried to get a shot of tequilla per goal going.  I think we've went through 4-5 bottles so far.

Touch Rugby tournament in Tokushima.  We actually did worse this year because... we did better.  We won the best of the worst last year but managed to creep into a higher league.  It was a good weekend and we ended up down on the pitches doing ceilidh dancing courtesy of Naomi sensei.

That's all.  I'm sick.  Shove it up yer arse.


Drea said...

Hi. I found your blog through blog catalog. I know what you mean about having an idea for a post, but not getting around to it in time for it to still be relevant. :P Hope you feel better soon.

Ahoy hoy said...

The problem I have is that all my inspiration for writing is fuelled by pure rage. Therefore all backdated posts are lost. I'll still mention some things though... Japanese doctors... French cyclists

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