Tuesday, 2 June 2009

PostHeaderIcon I want to go buy pizza

I'm still at work even though I finished half an hour ago and I need to come back in an hour for my adult class. Why am I waiting? So I can have a meeting for one class that is happening on Thursday. It's the same meeting every week as well as the class revolves around flashcards, repetition, let's dialogue and me making hundreds of laminated cards for 10 minutes use.

The main wait today was to show me an email from Katakana sensei (who left last month) who had the GENIUS idea of including karuta in the class. The most simple, overused card game that every ALT has used since the dawn on time. Deary DEARY me.

Thus continues the third dire week of work....


Matto said...

DO they still do pizza at sunshine? I used to love the pepperoni one - it was amazing - was thinking of it the other day!

Sounds like you're haivng fun down there still - I know the storm drain you mean vis a vis the old man on the bike - he would have ended up in the ocean and that would have been hilarious!

Ahoy hoy said...

It's the best pizza I've ever had in Japan. I stay away from the sweetcorn one myself.

Yep... another year in Tano. The boss retired last month and nobody told us.

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