Monday, 8 June 2009

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Good evening.

I've been meaning to write some blog posts in the past few weeks but self-censorship and a lack of free time has stopped me. I was going to spend this evening complaining away like old times but there really is no reason to do so. Instead, let me tell you how I spent my lazy Saturday afternoon.

I broke my ice cube tray about a year ago and have been too lazy to buy one since. The hot weather inspired me to go in search of one. This turned out to be quite difficult as the supermarket and drugstore didn't have any. I went to the hardware store and couldn't find any either. I couldn't be arsed asking in Japanese because I forgot what ice was and had no idea what tray was. I could probably have said "Ai-su tu-re" but sometimes Japan tricks you and has a katakana name from some other foreign word. For example, an X-ray is called a 'Rentogen' and a stapler is a 'Hotchkiss' . Also, for some reason 'part-time work' in Japanese is the German word for work.

Anyway... I was my usual miserable self and was about to leave when Naomi asked a staff member for me whilst calling me a useless idiot. The tray was hidden away and I was excited about my purchase. So caught up in the glee of my weekend spending spree in the countryside that I bought a plastic gun that shoots caps. We bought some beer and wine in the supermarket on the way back and proceeded to laze about in my apartment. I then spent the next few hours hiding on my balcony in just my underwear whilst waiting on Japanese people to walk past. I then shot my surprisingly loud cap gun and watched their reactions with significant satisfaction. My proudest moment was jumping from one balcony to the other whilst chasing an old man on a bicycle. He turned around to look at me and nearly cycled in the gutter. How I laughed and laughed at my twisted immaturity and my unusual way of dealing with culture shock.

Later on we went to an "M" themed party. It was someone's birthday so all these happy Americans (ie irritating) were saying all these rhyming poems about the person. I remember standing there having absolutely no idea what was going on. I just wanted them all to shut up so I could start talking to people again. Urgh... enthusiastic Americans with their wee quirky quirky things. They're all too confident now that Obama is in charge. The night ended with dancing in Kochi City where I got well and truly drunk. I've invented a dance called 'The Mirage'.


Also, I bought a new cap for 700 yen that says 'Disco Magic' on it. It's possibly my favourite purchase of all time. It's rainy season now. Here's a picture.


Margaret said...

need a vid of "the mirage" to make this blog complete....please.

Ahoy hoy said...

The Mirage is so magical that no man made device can capture it.

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