Monday, 19 May 2008

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Just before I was due to teach 6th period today the nice office lady made me some coffee. It was too hot to drink straight away so I had to leave it. Note: I can't drink piping hot drinks and in Japan they say I have a 'cat's tongue' . Personally I don't know how people can drink tea or coffee that had just been boiling a minute previous. Anyhoo, I came back from class and I optimistically tasted the coffee to see if there was any life left in it. It was cold and bitter so I went to wash the cup and put it away. I started to whistle a little bit (apparently I whistle a lot too) and for some... bizarre reason... it was this song:

If you have just finished watching or listening to the youtube clip then you'll understand how it messed up my head at the time. This song reminds me of my school trip to Paris in 1998(!) where a bus full of 11 year olds kept singing "VENGABUS... IT'S COMING... THE VENGABUS YAAAY" I have no idea why it suddenly popped into my head whilst I was washing a coffee cup in Japan... a decade later. Man, a decade... I'm old. It's great though, I've listened to it three times now. You think the chorus is going to come in during the first minute but... it doesn't.

Also, I am studying Japanese right now. Thus I have returned to my student likes ways of procrastinating on the internet.

Haha I actually love this song now.


Anonymous said...

Just to help you along with your Japanese language learning - thought its best to sidetrack you with a link to other professions' procrastination rituals:


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