Friday, 9 May 2008

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Yer... so I've been a bit slack with the blog updates recently. There hasn't been much to write about but I've got some material to dig into sooner or later. I might get around to it this weekend but I've got stuff to do as well. Mainly playing my new Grand Theft Auto game and answering months worth of Japanese test booklets. I was meant to be going to a big beach party this weekend but it was rained off sadly. I was in Tokyo for about a week during the holiday period so I'll have some pictures from there to add as well.

Anyway, work finishes in a whole 5 minutes time. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Japanese Barcodes - have you come by any of these in the following link?

Craig said...

I think I've seen one or two like that. However, the barcodes here are usually the wee square boxes covered in black and white stuff. ie. not the vertical lines.

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