Sunday, 11 November 2007

PostHeaderIcon I saw the greatest thing in the world today

A man riding a penny-farthing

Isn't it brilliant? If someone asked me this morning to name something unusual that I would witness today then I can honestly say I would never have thought of this.

I had a really good night in the city on Friday. Lots of foreigner types went out to dinner and then hit some bars/clubs. This Japanese girl called
Sawa is moving away soon so it was an excuse for everyone to get together for some big city fun. I've only known her a few weeks but she was cool and slightly crazy... but in a good way. For dinner I had proper meat and red wine which is pretty rare in Japan and my backwater prefecture in particular. Then I hit the tequila with some people and went dancing. I was pretty rough the next day but had to come back to Tano for the junior high school culture festival. Some of it was really good like the brass band but other parts went on too long like the same 5 minute song being sung about five times in a row by each grade/teachers. People always expect me to attend these things without telling me about them or even acknowledging me when I turn up but I did actually enjoy seeing all my students doing stuff. Last night we headed up to Nick's in Kitagawa but I took it easy and everyone watched a film. Today Andrew, Noah and I headed into the city and walked about the beach for a bit before getting some dinner. Now I'm back home about to play with my new 80GB iPod and then go to bed.

p.s Next week I'm heading to Tokyo wooohooo!

As a special present... here are all my pictures from October and November so far.


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