Tuesday, 27 November 2007

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Ahoy hoy

Just thought I'd pop online before bed and let you know I'm not dead (hey, it rhymes).

I have lots to write about but once I start I'll be here all night and I'm a bit sleepy yawn yawn. I still have to talk about Tokyo (16th-19th) and also this last long weekend in Hiroshima (23rd-25th). Both packed full of good times.

I was eating school lunch today at the junior high and was being forced to do an impression of a Japanese comedian. This guy dresses in a nappy and is on television all the time shaking his shoulders and repeating numerous catchphrases. I made the small mistake of doing an impression last week and everyone went insane and now demand it. Anyway, I got asked (translated of course) question about Scottish television. It basically consisted of junior high kids (and some middle aged staff I might add) asking if we had television/shows in Scotland. At first I wondered if they meant the same kind of comedy show or even if the comedian was popular back home. Nah... they wanted to know if we had actual televisions. Some dormant Caledonian defence mechanism kicked in at that very moment and I proudly declared that we INVENTED the damn thing. This was greeted with gasps of "EEEEEHHHHHHH"... a sound the majority of Japanese make (with added facial expression) when they hear something shocking.

Another quick link to things back home.

"Get yer 'Big Issue' 'ere"

I was walking through the centre of Tokyo last weekend with Andrew when I spotted a man selling 'The Big Issue'. This being the magazine sold by homeless people back home and in my mind creates the image of a cheeky Glaswegian man trying to sweet talk middle aged women into buying a copy. Yeah... so imagine my surprise when I saw it in Tokyo.


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