Wednesday, 2 June 2010

PostHeaderIcon Sayonara PM Tamanegi

I wrote a post about three months ago talking about the absurd life expectancy of the Japanese Prime Minister.  It is with great sorrow that I report to you today that my favourite onion-man has stepped down from office.  The reason for Hatoyama's resignation was because he failed to live up to a campaign promise to get the Americans to move their military base in Okinawa.  That is the main reason but his coalition government has been deeply unpopular in recent months.  I must say that I'm surprised because he won a landmark election and had a 70% approval rating only eight months ago.  Far be it from me to call the Japanese population fickle in regards to politics... but the number of resignations and near constant low approval ratings is just ridiculous.  Who knows what the problem is.  Are the politics of Japan really just run by old men hiding in the smoke filled corridors of parliament?  Are the population so apathetic that they need this constant scapegoat and booster shot to appease the slowly emerging reality of their democratic system?  Who knows.  Personally, I think the campaign pledge was absolutely insane.  From what I've read... there was never any proper plan to put into the practice and the Americans were never approached to get feelers.  Understandably, the Americans did not exactly like this move and have snubbed Hatoyama and the Japanese government in recent months.  It's another matter to argue about the legitimacy of the American bases but surely you'd need to confront the manner with a great deal of respect... especially since America has been Japan's best buddy for a number of decades.  Incidentally, there are a few Japanese  people who (a bit stupidly) like the bases because they're terrified of China and North Korea but the majority want to get rid of them.

Anyway, I went off on another tangent of saturated assumptions so I'll end this brief political update with a funny picture.  And to link this with the overall post... here's a young, (possibly) homosexual version of Winston Churchill.
This taste has landed in Japan!


Louis said...

That guy looks kind of like Nick, but then again all bald men look the same.

aussiehisshou said...

His promise wasn't to move the base within Okinawa but actually out of it.

Ahoy hoy said...

Well, obviously. What would be the sense in that?

You know... if you cover up the top half of the poster then the bottom half reveals the glistening thighs of a sexy, young lady.

Adam W said...

Wow, I'm actually kinda surprised. The American media made him seem like he was the "Obama of Japan".

Personal tangent: As an American whose father was a 1st Sgt. in the Marines, I really think we need to fucking leave Okinawa. We have large bases in South Korea, and practically complete control of Micronesia.

Hayley Beth said...

booty a cigarette ad and not on a sexy woman. I don't know what to think now.

chris said...

what's the level of world cup fever over in japan craig?

Ahoy hoy said...

@Adam: Yeah, I personally think they should leave but it is still a massive part of the Okinawa economy. What are they going to live off? Tourism and pineapples.

@chris: Erm... nothing like home. A few lads are very into their football but it's mainly confined to a few gobshites on TV talking about how hard Japan's group is and how shite the manager is.

duc said...

That ad has been posted all over tabaco shops and vending machines in Japan! LOL

Ahoy hoy said...

It really is on everything, isn't it?

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