Tuesday, 6 April 2010

PostHeaderIcon Taiko: Cherry Blossom Festival

I had my second taiko performance last Sunday in a town called None (no-ne) on the other side of the Muroto cape.  I'm only writing this entry because there are some very lovely pictures of the performance with lots of cherry blossoms.  It was a lovely day and the festival was held down by the river.  It started too early so there was no beer on sale.  Therefore, we got the poor, designated driver to take us to a local shop and buy some.  My taiko sensei seemed slightly apprehensive about my drinking.  He shouldn't have worried because my performance was absolutely flawless.  I mean... I did start to play the wrong song at the beginning... but after that... perfect.
The full beginner group in action.  I was playing the right song here.
Look at that determination.  I was squinting because of the sun.
Super gaijin.  I've shaved my ugly face by the way.  I don't have any mirrors so rely on pictures.


Chrbs said...

Why don't you just buy a mirror, Greg?

Ahoy hoy said...

I don't want to. Also, I have one with a broken frame but it is in my empty room.

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