Wednesday, 17 March 2010

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I came back to the office today to find the elementary school principal sitting in my seat.  I avoided the impending awkwardness by turning around and going for a nice walk about Tano.  I used to cycle about town all the time but I haven't explored a new street in a bit.  I used the opportunity to take some pictures of  some boring things around where I live.  Also, I'll use this lazy update to introduce my new looking blog.  I added fancier stuff but I didn't like the look of it too much.  Furthermore... my blog got about 2000 hits last Wednesday.  My friend linked it on a popular Japanese video game site.  It made me nervous.

I really like this picture and I guess it needs some explaining.  Japanese people like to fill plastic bottles with water and leave them on the wall around their gardens.  I heard that it is an old wive's tale to scare away cats as they don't like the shimmering of the light.  I think that's the reason.  Another slightly related fact... Japanese people like to pour water on the concrete to cool down the streets in summer. They mostly do it in the cities.  I think they're nuts.

I usually walk on the small path to the left to get to the seafront.  I've never noticed that the building on the corner is actually a hairdresser.  The sign says パーム (paamu) which is the Japanese English for 'perm'.  Incidentally... it's all I ever here these days because I've not had a haircut for months and my gorgeous, manly curls have been set free.  Everyone thinks I got a perm.  Why?  I don't know.  The yakuza get perms here.  I think it's meant to be edgy and hardcore.  One last point... every small town in Japan has a ridicilous number of barbers and hairdressers.  None of them have seen a lick of paint since 1972.

This building looked a bit different so I checked what Honetsugi meant on my fancy new iPhone.  Apparently it translates as 'bonesetting'.  That took me by surprise to say the least.  I'm going to guess that it is similar to a chiropractor.  Here is one business in my rural town that must be doing well... what with the high population of crooked, old women.  I had just walked past this building when I heard the sounds of some domestic abuse.  It was quite peculiar to say the least.  I saw an old bloke walk into his house and as I passed I heard them shouting "WHAT? WHAT? IDIOT!" and then I heard an old women yell "That hurts".  It was sad.

It's quite common to see pilgrims walk past my town.  The island of Shikoku is famous for a pilgrimage of 88 temples.  My town is on the main (only) road and quite close to some of them.  I would never do it but it's quite impressive to see these old folk walk the entire journey.  Some of them get the bus, do a few at a time but others to the whole lot.  They wear a funny hat.

This building reminds me of that famous one in New York.  They're very similar as well.  The only difference being that this one is made out of sheet metal and would probably blow over in a strong wind.

The last time I posted pictures of Tano was about 2 years ago.  I passed a vending machine selling a mystery drink.  It happened again.  I can never resist when I see that red question mark.  I always hope it will be a secret, magic drink like Irn-Bru.

It never is.


Liam Edwards said...

Was it Kotaku the website you were linked on? Cause thats where i found you haha. Another enjoyable post.

Anonymous said...

I too found you via kotakku, and really enjoy your blog. It's easy to get caught up in all of the JET nonsense, so it's refreshing to find a person with a similar perspective. Cheers

Naomi said...

I do believe it says パーマ. I'm better at Japanese than you are.

Ahoy hoy said...


That'll teach me to write what I hear rather than read. Is it really パーマ? They all say bloody paaammmooooo

Edward said...

Read your entire blog, do keep it up. For people who would love to visit japan but have kids and you know, a proper job it's nice to do it viscerally through you ;)

Oh, and I just moved from East Kilbride myself. If you want some IRN BRU just give me a shout ;)

Ahoy hoy said...

It's impossible to import sadly. Cheers though. Mmmm Irn-Bru.

Suzie said...

really interesting sentence you write, and have great experience in Japan! Enjoy more xx

Ahoy hoy said...

Thank you Suzie. I will enjoy more. Keep checking for updates.

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