Tuesday, 10 November 2009

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A few months before I came to Japan there was a greatly covered news story about a 22 year old English girl who was killed by some Japanese scumbag. She worked for a private English school and was murdered when she went to his home. Anyway, I played along with the initial dodgy banter from friends down the pub that I'd end up in a bath of sand as she did before forgetting about it. However, I was reading about her story last week again and I felt exceptionally angry and sorry for her. The killer managed to run past NINE Japanese policemen in his bare feet when they came to arrest him. He has been on the run for over two years and it is pretty obvious that his family had been funding him - he got half-caught after having a lot of plastic surgery done last month. I was feeling pretty disgusted by the half-arsed police job and the lack of scrutiny on the killer's family but he was caught in Osaka earlier today. Good stuff. I hope he rots in the jail.


Trish said...

I heard about that story, too. I don't plan on telling my parents, 'cause they'll never let me leave for Japan. I guess they don't realize that the same thing could happen in the US, too.
What the hell was up with the police not doing shit?

Ahoy hoy said...

I get the impression that there is so little crime here that when it happens they're all too shocked and inept to deal with it.

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