Monday, 11 May 2009

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Last weekend was one of the healthiest I can remember. This was because I gave up drinking (well... I had 3 beers) and took up lots of exercising. On Saturday I went to the city to practice for the various sport tournaments I am participating in this summer. First up was football for the infamous KFC (Kochi Football Club). I am pleased to announce that the colours of our new strip are the same as the mighty Partick Thistle. I then played the ever popular (in American colleges) 'sport' of Ultimate Frisbee and a version of rugby that removes all the fun from it.

The following day I was awoken at the horrible time of 7:30am to go hiking in the vicious mountains of Shikoku. I fell asleep on the way there and let Naomi and Joey do all the talking with the Japanese people. I did the same on the way back because I am a miserable and sleepy git. I did get mistaken for another bearded foreigner on Kochi TV who advertises a local fruit juice. In between all this we went hiking in the roasting sun. I was in pain throughout but like all things I experience in life... I enjoyed it in retrospect.

Our crowd of Japanese people dressed like they were off to tackle Everest... rather than a 90 minute hike in 25 degree heat.

I should be a model in a hiking magazine.

Getting our picture taken at the top of 1560m.

Eating a really horrible bento (packed lunch). Fish, gunk, jelly, slime and cold tea. Mmm mmm


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