Tuesday, 17 March 2009

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Hello internet. The weather is fantastic today. I feel like I am committing some sort of crime against life by being stuck in my office with my back to the window. The school year is just about done so that means it is the season of graduations and enkais (work parties). I really can't be bothered with either but I guess it is nice to wear my suit every so often. I'm trying to avoid the enkais because nobody likes me at work and I just sit in the isolation of my illiteracy. Nah... I'm only kidding. I just can't be arsed paying £30-40 to eat sushi I don't want whilst failing in the same conversations I had 18 months ago.

I've actually been in a very content mood for the past few weeks despite my frequent complaints. Work this week has been a breeze as I've got nothing to do but study Japanese, read books and catch up on every news article ever written. The change in seasons is making me more optimistic and my recontracting means I don't need to worry about anything again for months. I keep meaning to write more Japan related posts because I get bored writing about myself. I'd say I'd start that tomorrow but I'm going to take it off because I'm going to have a St Patrick's Day night of drinking.

In saying that... I hate St Patrick's Day because of all the irritating things it reminds me of. Firstly... St Patrick is no where near as cool as Saint Columba. He beat the Loch Ness Monster. At University it was the posh gits from the South of England buying their first pint of Guinness and then going "ewwwwww". Then there are all those bloody stupid Americans with their green rivers, cheap shamrock and leprechauns tat and 'Irish Car Bomb' bloody stupid cocktails. Furthermore... it reminds me that Scotland is full of whinging gits like myself who attack another country's national day because of our own inadequacies of not being independent.

Note: There is a proposed referendum due in 2010 but it's all a mess due to this economic recession rubbish.

Other news:

I have a handlebar moustache deal going on today. Nobody has mentiond it at work.
I'm getting pretty good on my skateboard. I haven't even fallen off it yet.
Last week my favourite teacher said Noah and I have noses like mountains.
The same teacher might be having a cheeky affair with the woman we both hate at work.
I learned how to play Norwegian Wood on my guitar.
Sigur Ros are still absolutely amazing.
My 3rd grade at Junior High School graduated. I will actually miss them but I don't think I'll realise it until I start teaching again. I think they were my favourite class. I probably should have gotten a picture with them.


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