Monday, 5 January 2009

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I'm in a good mood today because I'm still on holiday whilst everyone in Japan has to go to work. I just confused a Japanese guy next to me as he bumped into me on his way out and went "I ma sorry" and I replied with "Nae bother pal" in the old Nihongo. I love doing that. I think I'll keep it up for my whole life traveling because Japanese tourists are everywhere. Just that look of slight confusion is worth the possibility of a long conversation I don't really want.

Joey and I were going to go to a Thai cooking course today but we're both too lazy. Instead I'm going to get some jeans fitted or whatever but I hate the shops here.

Buy this what you want how big 100 baht for you friend only today want a tuk tuk only 5000 baht just for you.

My favourite are the suit guys who apparently learned English from some cockney. auuuroight mate wanna suit guvnor? I wish I was important enough to get a cheap suit. I think I need to shave today.... alright I'm off now.


Manda said...

A Scotsman and Japan, two of my favorite things!

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