Tuesday, 9 September 2008

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I bought a new laptop when I went home because my other one died. It’s great and everything but now I’m stuck at work without the internet and my printer connection. I tried to crack into the wireless network but I’ve got no chance and I’m putting off having to ask someone. Anyway, I’m only writing this because I have an hour of work left and can’t do anything else at all. Well, I have my adult class tonight but I’m just going to make them write something whilst I go get a coffee.

I’ve been back just under a week now and I’ve found it a little difficult to slot back into my life here. It feels more normal now but for the first few days I was a bit of a confused and jet lagged mess. I still hate the weather as well and can’t wait until it turns cooler despite it being nice and sunny all the time. I think the contrast in a year has been quite apparent when I’ve been out for dinner with the new foreigners in the area. They’re really energetic and have yet to be brought down to earth by the odd bouts of frustration, isolation and the general mundane of everyday life. I was like that last year but now I’ve got one eye on what I want to do after JET and what I want to get out of the next year. I’ve decided that I like teaching when I rarely do but the continuous, long days of doing little at my desk slowly destroy all motivation. I did have two good days at the junior high school and the other staff and pupils seemed pleased to see me again. I’ve even got a few extra classes with the students with learning difficulties who are actually better at English than the majority of those in their year.

I have an awful lot to write up on about my trip home to Scotland. Also, I spent a few days travelling about Germany and France and have about 150 pictures to upload. I’ll do that when I can be bothered.

My current short term goals are as follows:

Successfully buy a Sigur Ros ticket on Saturday morning. This will be harder than it sounds.

Have my adult class translate a ‘Muji’ catalogue so I can try and order a couch. I cannot sit on the floor any longer. Also, I want to buy some bed sheets that aren’t meant for bloody futons.

For about the 3rd time this year... I’m going to start exercising more. I’ve actually decided to walk a lot more each day rather than going for the odd run. It’s much more enjoyable.

Stop ants from getting into my box of cereal.


Anonymous said...

How exciting that you are building an ant colony with you cereal!
Just to help you along: http://ant.edb.miyakyo-u.ac.jp/E/index.html

It's a shame to read that you are thinking about life after Japan just as you get back there for another year of teaching. Hope you get that sofa from Muji soon.

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