Tuesday, 5 August 2008

PostHeaderIcon My awkward supervisor

Good evening.

I'm just after politely forcing my supervisor out of my house. I finished work at about 5:40pm and went to the supermarket to buy dinner. I was in the middle of eating it when I heard a knock at my door. It's usually my neighbour Noah so I just opened it without really thinking. Anyway, it turns out it was my supervisor who asked if it was a good time whilst walking in. Even at the door I gave a bit of an "Hmmm not really. I'm eating dinner" but the hint was not taken. He then came in and pulled out a chessboard (he caught me playing it at work). I tried to be polite at the start and said all of the following in Japanese:

Hmmm I'm eating dinner
Hmmm I have English class at 7pm so this is my free time
Hmmm I'm very tired

The hints were not really taken. I then pretty much gave up and stood in silence for a bit.... occasionally saying "Oh yeah this is my house eh?".... "Oh I'm so tired eh?". I tried in vain to remember "This is not a good time" in Japanese but most people (especially Japanese) would take hint at the slightest "Uuuuhh"

Yep. He means well but just delivers awkward pain to my door.


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