Tuesday, 1 April 2008

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Two updates in one day? Madness.

I just had a great 10-15 minutes interaction with one of the elementary 2nd graders. I took a break to look at this ink painting exhibition held in the large hall next to my office in which I was joined by said child. I actually knew some of the Japanese he was barking at me because he was just jumping about shouting "Fire! Water! Mount Fuji! Tsunami! Lighthouse! Tree! Cool huh? Oh great!" We both agreed that a wave crashing over a rock was the best picture so we went to get a voting form. Then he seemed to figure out that there were other notes and money inside the box so that got turned upside down much to my anxiety. In normal circumstances I would have told the child that this was nothing but theft and that someone had left it as a donation. However, it was too difficult to explain and it was only 200yen (£1) so I let him away with it. Then after thieving from said box, the child placed his vote inside... bowed and then tidied up the table... crazy. Then as I was about to say goodbye to him he called me over to the vending machine, asked what drink I wanted and then bought us both one with the stolen money. After much "mmm delicious, isn't it?" I parted my ways with him. I might put 200 yen in the box tomorrow.


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