Monday, 10 March 2008

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I thought I would write a very short entry to show all those concerned people that I'm still here. The main reason I have been quiet is because there hasn't been a lot happening recently and I've actually been fairly busy at work. Well... as busy as it gets here.

I went to Tokushima at the weekend there with some friends (David, Nish, Sarah and Melissa: 3 Brits and an Aussie). It's the capital city of the prefecture in the north-east of the island of Shikoku. It was a bit of an average city but the Saturday was still quite fun. We went up a cable car, watched some ancient dancing thing and then stayed up drinking all night until the first bus back at 7:45am. I didn't did home until about 1pm that afternoon and tried to stay awake until about 8-9pm that night so I could sleep. I went for a nap at 4pm and set my alarm for 6pm so I could start making dinner. It turns out I set my alarm for 6am and slept the whole night. I was pretty confused for about half a minute when I woke up. Then I was upset I had to get ready for work.

I left work early today (well, I took my actual designated 1 hour break for once) and headed to the gym in the mountains. I was pretty unfit and couldn't really do much because my leg still hurts so I came home instead. I had a lovely drive down through the mountains and came out at Yasuda just in time to see the sunset. It was a very pleasant night as the temperature has started to get warmer now and the nights lighter. I then bought about £6 worth of beef and cooked it all for dinner whilst drinking some beer and listening to my music. Good times.

Cheerio for now.


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