Thursday, 10 January 2008

PostHeaderIcon I broked

I was learning some vocabulary earlier today.

"Hmm hospital might be a pretty useful one "

Fast forward to 9pm where I go to block a shot during football. I manage to do so but I put all my weight on the trapped ball... which then moved making my right ankle go SNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP.

I heard it snap and kind of knew straight away that it was pretty bad. All the Japanese dudes were just "Meh, he's always getting injured or falling down holes".

I sat at the side for 5 minutes then had to hobble across to the exit. I took my sock off and there's the right side of my ankle going "Heh, I'm broken". I went to stand up to tell Noah/my supervisor that it was broken when I put a bit of weight on it and felt the bone move a bit ARGH

Went to the hospital. Noah and my supervisor held my hand all the way through sniff sniff
The person who does casts and stuff is away home so I'm in bed waiting to be fixed tomorrow morning.

It sucks and I'm now ready to embrace the life of a hermit with a massive beard.

Oh yeah, to get in my apartment I need to go up 30 steps. They gave me a pair of crutches and one of them has no friction on the bottom. Cost me 6000 yen to lend them too.


Update: So I'm lying in bed at about 8am. I slept for about 20 minutes last night before I woke up going "hmm I do believe that hurts". The painkillers have worn off twice and it is a bit sore but nothing terrible. I got me a new painkiller 20 minutes ago so it's all good. The most dangerous thing was the damn crutch which nearly made me fall on my face twice.

My feet are really cold and I smell.
The end


Mike said...


Byouin wa yokuarimasendeshita ka.

dam said...

poor creg

Darren said...

Poor Greg

Although.. a cast might look really cool with Japanese characters painted all over it

Get well soon x

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