Wednesday, 22 August 2007

PostHeaderIcon Bad Japan: Spiders


In all the excitement of yesterday’s mammoth blog update I forgot to mention the worst thing that happened in the past week. I returned home from the orientation late in the evening so my apartment was pitch black. I took off my shoes and leaned across to turn on the light. The neon bulb flickered on and off for a few seconds, illuminating the entrance enough for me to notice something on the wall. My eyes took awhile to adjust before the full horror was unleashed…. A SPIDER.

I leapt back into my shoes and ran out the door. In the initial rush of fear I had forgotten that in order to get spray I had to walk past it again, so off with the shoes and into the kitchen. Along with the spray I picked up my massive “Team Taught Pizza” manual and got ready to kill my nemesis. As I was sizing up my foe from a distance, Noah from next door swung by to pick up some DVDs. He mocked my irrational fear.

When I first went to smash it into little bits it ran away so quickly I was almost in tears. I swear I have never seen anything move that fast. Things started to get desperate so I used the bug spray BUT that only antagonised it so now I had an angry, lighting fast spider running about my floor. When it started to JUMP about I nearly passed out but I saw my opportunity when it started to climb my balcony window. With words of encouragement (ie “HIT IT NOOOW”) from Noah I swung with all my might and nearly broke the whole window.

Craig 1 v 0 Work of Satan

P.S I’m going to try and upload some photographs now. I don’t have one of the spider but trust me it was the size of your head.


cal said...

Spiders man, fucking spiders.

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