Wednesday, 12 August 2009

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So I have victoriously returned to the country of my birth and youth. I tricked my parents into thinking I was off to China. I haven't done much but sleep and binge on food. However, I did go for a lovely drive the other day. So I thought I would write it up since I probably won't update this for weeks.

I escaped the rain clouds of East Kilbride to head to... West Kilbride.

I was heading for Hunterston Castle which is where the Clan Hunter originate from. They used to be the royal guardians of the local forests on the mainland and the island of Arran (in the picture)

Here I am at the 'castle'. It was private property apparently and some upper class looking lad was shouting at me but I drove away. I took a wrong turn and ended up in the private grounds of the nuclear power plant next door.

Scotland Good: Football, bread, cheese, milk, lovely beers, newspapers, refreshing air, good water, lovely scenery when sunny

Scotland Bad: Schizophrenic weather makes it impossible to plan. Annoying English voices on television. Understanding (idiot) people. Greenock.
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